{ Overflowing Portion }

IMG_20170605_185626_534My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.– Psalm 73:26

This is a verse that I have read many times.

“Portion” jumps out at me.

The word makes me think of a beggar—picture Oliver Twist— holding out a bowl, asking for another helping of gruel.

When we come to the cross for salvation, we hold out our grubby life to God, lifting it up with dirty hands. We are clothed in rags of hopeful good deeds, full of pride and sin.

Then the Lord happily lavishes sustenance on us – the spiritually famished.

It is not a skimpy serving.  When God gives, our bowls are full…and overflowing.

He is the strong, satisfying, abundant portion of those who are His.

©  Lisa M. Luciano 😊



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