{ eating in peace }

bread-882737__480O give me a crust for nibbling,

Where I’ll find no sour-faced quibbling,

I don’t need fancy linen or knife

I’d rather dine in a shack

With my dry, meager snack

Than feast in a houseful of strife.

From Proverbs 17:1 — “Better is a dry morsel with quiet than a house full of feasting with strife.” ESV

(C) Lisa M. Luciano ☺





2 thoughts on “{ eating in peace }

  1. That bread looks delicious! Did you bake it? I am overwhelmed by God’s grace this morning, as post after post reminds me of the peace that only He can give. My normally happy home was full of strife last night, and the aftermath still sits heavy on my heart. So glad for this nibble. 🙂

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