{ Haha…Mmm }

My darling daughter made cookies today.  What was the occasion?

To celebrate her successful driver’s license test yesterday?


She has been waiting to try this new recipe: Trader Joe’s Jo-Jo cookies encased in chocolate chip cookie dough, then baked to delicious perfection.

In her venture, she filled the whole house with the invigorating scent of melting Jo-Jo’s and chocolate chips.

She left her masterpieces on the kitchen table.

She even sliced one open, revealing the exquisite beauty of the inner Jo-Jo.

Does she think that anyone can resist such temptation?

How comical.  How very droll.

Excuse me as I fetch a glass of milk.


Word Prompt of the Day — [witty: showing or characterized by quick and inventive humor.]

Synonyms: humorous, amusing, droll funny, comic, comical…



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