{ Warning: Snack Avoidance Can Lead to Snacking }

I left the house with a protein bar, bottles of water and a cup of coffee.  I was determined to eat light tonight.

I wasn’t even thinking of food while scurrying around GoodWill, trying on black boots. (I’m always trying to find black boots.)

The returns and the library stop kept me busy.

I even made it through every aisle at Aldi.  (I turned over a teeny package of almonds at the checkout, but resisted.)

I entered the doors of my favorite upscale grocery store.  This is a dream spot for anyone seeking to enjoy free wifi — a lovely area with tables and booths, virtually empty post-dinnertime.

You feel like you should buy at least a token item, if you’re going to sit there at a booth.

I pulled down a can of my favorite sugar-free sparkling water.


It went downhill from there.

Peeking around for a small high-protein snack, I discovered the bulk foods section.

Yes, there were high-protein choices….but there were various other offerings…

  • …such as these delicious little critters: chocolate covered cinnamon bears. I finished off a very small bag. bears
  • I can never resist licorice Allsorts.

    I tried to scoop just a few of each kind, but got several more than I bargained for.


  • I needed something savory, so I added Asian cracker mix to my basket.

    asian mix
    The kind I bought included peas…so I got my veggies at least.

Tomorrow we’re going to make a stop at Trader Joe’s.

Just to stay accountable, here are the things I will not even look at!

  1. Those amazing dark chocolate-covered peanut butter cups at the checkout.
  2. Equally amazing dark chocolate covered almonds.
  3. Frozen mango mochi.  But if my daughter buys a box, you know I have to help her.
  4. Ditto with frozen chocolate-covered banana slices.

Feeling slightly defeated as I finish off my sugar-free sparkling water,

Lisa 🙂



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