{ Dubious?}

willian-west-324562People doubt Christianity.

But…what if it’s true?

Start with Jesus.

He can’t just be a good teacher, a respected healer, a wise prophet and only that.

He claimed to be God.

He’s either God… or a liar.  Or he’s crazy.

I recently viewed the 2017 true story film “The Case for Christ.”

The story: Lee Strobel  was a successful journalist who decided to examine the facts of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Christianity hinges on the Resurrection of Jesus.  If that’s debunked, everything else about this faith falls apart.

Strobel’s journey was personal.

His fact-digging was professional.

His goal was to disprove the Resurrection of Jesus and show that it was all a fairy tale or a cover-up.

After interviewing experts in fields of medicine, psychology, theology and archaeology, he was utterly convinced.

Lee Strobel became a believer; a follower of Jesus Christ.

Other famous people who examined the facts and found truth:

Are you doubtful?  Perhaps you think Christianity is a fairy tale?

Maybe you are searching for truth.

Possibly, you don’t care.

Insert joke here:

Q: Which is worse, ignorance or apathy?

A: I don’t know and I don’t care.

I would encourage you to examine the facts.  You may want to start your journey by watching the film or reading the book The Case for Christ.


© Lisa M. Luciano 😊

Photo credit: Willian West

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