{ Last-Minute-Lisa? }

I like shopping early on Thanksgiving Day.

I am among kindred spirits—those carefree souls who waited until the last hour to secure stuffing and napkins.

I just did two rare things: bought a newspaper and greeted the produce guy.

Cozy Caribou Coffee.  Wish I could stay awhile, but I have an appointment with a turkey.

A crooked and sleepy line of shoppers is pleased that Caribou Coffee is open for limited holiday hours. We stumble in and answer the appropriate question of the day for 10 cents off our orders:

Q: What’s the name of the ship that brought the Pilgrims to America?

One bed-headed shopper boldly strolls in wearing his pajama pants. My favorite cashier Stephenie dressed herself up pretty for Thanksgiving.

To the world, I might look like last-minute-Lisa.

But I promise–my turkey is baking in the oven at home.

© Lisa M. Luciano 😊IMG_20171123_073734


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