{ Wonder }


Wonder is a unique book and movie.

I first read the book a few years ago in audiobook form.  Hearing the book made a big impact and I highly recommend the audio.

I saw the film recently in the local (cheap) theater with my children. Here are the reasons why I liked both the book (written by R.J. Palacio) and the movie version of Wonder:

  • The writing of the book was prompted by a true-life encounter by the author.
  • In both book and movie, we get to peer into the inner thoughts and feelings of the main characters.
  • The story of Wonder displays how ugly it is to be unkind.
  • There are sequels to the first book that go delve into the supporting characters. I especially liked The Julian Chapter, the book written from the bully’s point-of-view.
  • The movie stayed true to the book.
  • The acting in the movie was excellent.  Owen Wilson played Auggie’s dad perfectly and Julia Roberts’ mom vibe was spot on.
  • The movie (and the book) didn’t force you to cry.  It just told you a story….and the tears flowed naturally.


“You can’t blend in, when you were born to stand out.” –R.J. Palacio


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