{ Song: It’s Not Spring! }



Sing to the tune of “Jingle Bells”

It's a Minnesota Spring

We're sore from shov'ling snow

The highways are undriveable

And the temps are dipping low
Cancellations by the hour

We're sitting here at home

Baking stuff and eating it,

At least there's gas and power

It's not spring!

It's not spring!

Winter's "on repeat"

Blizzards, flurries, sleet and snow,

We're turning up the heat -- HEY!


(I didn’t write a second verse. Just keep repeating verse one until the plows finish.

Or, take a nap if you wish.)


Word Prompt: SONG

(c) Lisa M. Luciano

Photos taken from local WCCO news site.


3 thoughts on “{ Song: It’s Not Spring! }

  1. cleerobinson

    Great song, Lisa – I whistled the tune as I read the words. I just got my exercise for the day by shoveling out and moving my car in front of my house. I’m so happy I didn’t get stuck, the weather isn’t even bothering me. Back inside – Jazz and Cubby will appreciate the added lap time.


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