{ Notable Yogurt }

I’m not a foodie.

I don’t browse food-related blogs and I don’t collect recipes.

I try to cook our meals fast with 5 or less ingredients.

But the love of yogurt is forcing me to write about food today.

When my friend Tifanie told me how to make yogurt in the Instant Pot, I couldn’t wait to try it.

It is truly easy and works out to half the price of my Trader Joe’s favorite brand.

I haven’t gotten the twang factor down yet, but I will keep trying.

In an 8-quart Instant Pot, you can make a gallon of yogurt.

Gather together:

  • Instant Pot
  • gallon of whole milk
  • plain yogurt with active cultures — about 1/2 cup
  • a digital thermometer
  • silicone whisk
  • glass container

Someone mentioned that using metal items while making yogurt causes a metallic taste in the yogurt.  So, I tried to use glass, plastic and silicone utensils.

  1. Start with 1 gallon of whole, organic milk.  I bought this at WalMart for under $7.

milk12. Pour the gallon of milk directly into the insert of the Instant Pot and click the cover on.

3. Press the “Yogurt” button once or twice until you see “Boil.” Allow it to beep and get started.  It will beep again when finished.

4. Remove the hot milk carefully by lifting the entire stainless steel insert out.  Set on a rack to cool.  One foodie I know fills her sink partway with cold water and sets the insert into that.  This speeds cooling.

5. The milk should cool to 110 – 115 degrees F. Use a digital thermometer to record the temp. My thermometer is new; I had never used it before. I  didn’t know the plastic sleeve came off.  So, it works either way.


6. When the milk cools, measure 1/2 cup actively cultured plain yogurt into a separate container.

7. Scoop a little cooled milk and whisk around with the yogurt until it’s smooth.

8. Now add the yogurt mixture to the entire cooled pot of milk.  Whisk again.

Your thermometer, whisk and other utensils don’t have to be red.  But red is always a good idea.

9. Cover pot and press “Yogurt” button.  Choose an 8, 9 or 10 hour cooking time.  Supposedly, the longer cooking time, the twangier the yogurt.  I may get crazy and try 12 hours next time.

10. I processed my batch of yogurt overnight and woke up to a surprising victory!



This was 10 steps long, but it wasn’t difficult.

If you want thicker, Greek-style yogurt, you can strain it.  I was just about to click and buy a strainer online, but then decided to rig one up with what I had on hand.



  1. I used a large plastic container to house the filtering set-up.  This cheap plastic dish is 3 quart sized.
  2. I lined a plastic colander with 3 basket-type coffee filters.
  3. I placed this lined colander over a smaller plastic container.
  4. I put the whole thing into the large 3-quart bowl so I could cover and forget about it.
  5. The whey seeps through the filter system and gets caught in the inner bowl.
  6. Save the whey for other concoctions.
  7. Scoop out your filtered yogurt and store in refrigerator.


Did you try it?  Did it work? Do tell!




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