{ Doodling in Church }

I doodle in church.


I’m one of those people with restless hands. I need to be doodling, or biting my nails, or making socks. — Vera Brosgol

I do recall how I got the ideas for some of my books. Many of them are a result of doodling. — Bill Peet

Sometimes doodling and mental rabbit-trail-following in church gives way to hymnwriting…




One thought on “{ Doodling in Church }

  1. I doodle too! We had a class about this in our homeschooling group last year and it was so interesting because the teacher (an art teacher) said that some people actually process better when they doodle as they keep their notes. I forgot the actual name for it. I get distracted with the drawing and forget to write the notes down so I’m not great at it but I do feel I listen better when I can doodle at the same time. I was the same way in college.


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