{ Finally Learning or I Get to Go to School 11 Times }

We are finally in the 1970’s in homeschool history, and this will shine a spotlight on why — for us —  homeschooling has been the best way to go: 

this may be the first time in my life I will truly understand what was happening in my childhood when I was too young to comprehend or care. 

Questions like the following will be answered for all of us: 

  • What is Watergate and why did they call it that?
  • Where and what was Camp David?
  • Who was the Shah of Iran? 
  • Why did they put yellow ribbons all over fences and buildings?

As I assigned a few reports to my oldest homeschoolers yesterday, they didn’t get why I danced around the kitchen, singing “Tie a Yellow Ribbon ‘Round the Old Oak Tree” and got busy reserving “All the President’s Men” from the library website. They didn’t understand why I told them to: “Write the first paragraph of the report like a newspaper article — like a summary; like “Watergate for Dummies.” Explain the start of the Islamic Republic of Iran like you were explaining it to a child. 

Hooray! I might finally understand all this stuff. More soon.



Richard Nixon: Image by gfk DSGN from Pixabay

Foshay Tower, Minneapolis, MN.  January 25, 1981

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2 thoughts on “{ Finally Learning or I Get to Go to School 11 Times }

  1. Lisa, shalom.
    Your post is a short trip down memory lane. Experiences of the military (I was discharged in 1973), understanding the song (although admittedly, I don’t dance around the kitchen singing it), living through Watergate, presidential resignation, take-over of the U.S. Embassy in Iran and then some. Each decade had a sort of national cadence of its own. Now, some 45-50 years later, I wonder how much we’ve learned from that time period. What is the cadence of the decade just past and what will it be for the decade we just entered? May God grant wisdom to teach about the past to know how to live in the present and to glorify Him in the process. Thanks much for the post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marvin, shalom. You lived through the 1970’s in a totally different way, didn’t you? Some people may wonder why / if it’s important to teach history, but it sparks some of the best discussions here. There’s a lot to learn from it…but, as you mentioned I wonder if we really do learn from it. God is sovereign over the past, present and future.


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