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Lisa Luciano is a freelance writer and licensed educator. She and her husband have eleven children, and this has forced Lisa to acquire some rare talents.  These include juggling words with her ears and mastering the art of reading aloud.

Lisa’s first journal was a five-year diary. Within its pages, she chronicled her daily snacks and provided details on numerous boy crushes.

Though she still snacks a lot, Lisa now prefers penning witty poems and thoughtful devotionals.

Lisa says, “I got inspired to write when a family friend invited me to collaborate on a book of limericks. The process was exciting.”

A graduate of Wheaton College in Illinois, Lisa holds a B.A. in elementary education.  This degree has taken her to an Asian refugee camp, over to the St. Paul Public Schools, and back home again. Now as a homeschool educator, she is finally learning her history facts and can locate Qatar on a map.

Lisa enjoys writing some of her own school curriculum and has completed a smorgasbord of freelance work. Her jobs have included: regular blog posts, personal bios, article rewrites, menu descriptions and stories for young readers.

In addition to freelance writing, she creates winter wearables from recycled sweaters, blogs, and drinks coffee.