{That Moment in Time}

You have Youth but you waste it

You have Time but you squander it


You have people who love you

Friends who embrace you

Family who know you


But you ignore the gold mines that surround you

Choosing junk, trash and folly instead


And your skin is smooth

Your teeth are strong

Your ponytail is thick

You can touch your toes

You can leave the house without makeup and

You believe all your dreams will come true


And at the exact point you realize those days are gone,

You instantly realize what a gift they were.

What do you call that moment in time?


Help us to remember that our days are numbered,

and help us to interpret our lives correctly.

Set your wisdom deeply in our hearts… — Psalm 90:12 TPT


Photo by Jan Kubita

{ Toilets Didn’t Flush Themselves }


I am old enough to remember when

Toilets didn’t flush themselves

And soap dispensers didn’t

Self-ration pea-sized dollops.

And I could do errands in peace


An interrupting phone call.


I am old enough to recall

Shelves stacked with pop

Like Fresca

But no bottled water

(Who would pay for water?)


We had to wait for the mail

From pen pals

And when the letters came

All their doings

Were already done.

But it was fun to get

Real letters,



© Lisa M. Luciano

Word Prompt: AGE