{ Mod Podge & Me }

It’s a rainy, crafty day.

I’m striving to get the family excited about creating:


But nobody seems interested.

Have the children become jaded about our homespun annual entries?

What’s not to like about painted, woodburned, crayon-dripped, organic birdhouse gourds?



I hope they will catch my crafting enthusiasm.

Knuckle-deep in Mod Podge, I’m finishing a repurposed tin for a bride-to-be. She’s an English teacher, so it’s covered with love quotes from famous books.

I carved up her “save-the-date” card and her wedding invite and used them for the front and back of the tin:


“Whatever our souls are made of….his and mine are the same.” ~ Wuthering Heights



Once finished, I will enclose a gift card.

Like a well-rounded country girl, the bride is registered at Menard’s.


I’m also adding inventory to my Etsy shop ~ Wool Soup. Working with fuzzy wool and cozy cashmere is not appealing on a hot July day, but these months are the best time to get things done:





Crafting is only a small part of summer plans.

There are beaches to be flopped upon, gatherings to be enjoyed and mosquitoes to be fed.

What? The stores are displaying back-to-school supplies–already?  😦

This means certain friends will start talking enthusiastically about homeschool planning. Certain friends like to start school early. Certain friends laugh at my desire to milk the most out of summer.

How kind of my friend Theresa to take the time to stop rolling her Walmart cart, snap this photo, and send it to me.

I love homeschooling.

But I must wait for my Muse*.

She may come in early August.

She may arrive at midnight on September 6th.

(I never know.)

But I don’t think she will come until I’ve finished several Altoid tins and a few more pairs of mittens.





© Lisa M. Luciano

*not the goddess thing; just a personified force of creative inspiration. 

Word Prompt of the Day: https://wordofthedaychallenge.wordpress.com/2018/07/21/striving/


{ Tailor-Made Training }

hamburger-494706__340Cooking isn’t my strength, favorite pastime or talent. I have friends that embrace and enjoy cooking like it’s fun. If they could choose an afternoon of creativity, it would be laboring in the kitchen, creating edibles that would be devoured and disappear within one hour.

Our creative bents twist uniquely–not everyone likes to slave over a sewing machine or work barefoot in the garden as I do.

If you are in earshot of my kitchen at 5:00 p.m., you can hear me start reluctantly and noisily pulling out pans and sighing into the refrigerator.

Part of what makes cooking a challenge is that I have raised daughters who seem to delight in cooking and culinary education. They read blogs and books by chef wanna-be’s.  They follow and save recipes. They place themselves on voluntary food restrictions, ie: “I’m cutting out sugar for the summer”; “I’m giving up dairy”; “I’m going plant-based.”

Me? I just eat. 🙂

We have resorted to a serious amount of tailor-made meals.  For a family of thirteen, this gets pretty crazy.

For a woman like me that prefers cooking briskly, solo, and tidying as I go, a busy kitchen is challenging.  And refining.

So, you might feel God speaking to you in your prayer closet, or convicting your heart while you’re sitting in a pew.

But God does a lot of His work on me… in the kitchen.

Word prompt of the day:  tailor