{ Miraculous Marathon }

Legs are shaking
I am sick to my butterfly stomach
Thrills speed up my spine
This is it…..here we go
Plod on, breathe, press on
I am cheered on.
Plod on, breathe, press on
Progress marked
Can’t look up
I cannot….do….this
Annoying spectators. Irritating chatter.
I am going to die
Keep going
A l m o s t ….. t h e r e

There she is
My baby girl
It’s over
It was worth it

Word prompt: grit




Sweat and Donuts

Nine days ago, I posted about the upcoming one mile race.

Ta-dah!  It happened last night.

I mentioned that my goals were: to survive the race and keep my bladder intact.

From this standpoint, I was successful.

The background: My husband is the family athlete, but I reluctantly joined the rest of the family in the annual race last year to celebrate being 50 and also because I didn’t have the excuse of a baby to tend anymore.

My time: a wimpy 11 minutes, 3 seconds!!

I think I could have speedwalked more efficiently.

Is there any reason to do it again?

It’s a family event and that is worth something to me.

It feels good to do something beyond my comfort zone and beyond my natural ability.

It’s satisfying to complete something that feels impossible.

Besides all that, a friend rewarded us with amazing donuts on the other side of the finish line.

Is there any reason not to do it again? I have all year to think about that.

~ LisaIMG_20170512_155559

Second Mile

My husband enjoys muscle-twisting, sweat-drenching workouts that produce pain and require protein drinks. Part of his athletic portfolio: running local races with the whole family.  For years, I had the excuse of a baby to tend, so I couldn’t participate.  Eventually, that overdue excuse ran out and I signed up against my better judgment for the annual event.

I did it.

Like childbirth, I couldn’t imagine doing it a second time. But it’s May and the race is on my calendar – again.

(That happened with childbirth, too.)

One year the race organizers approached us. Since we were annual participants all from one family, the local news team hoped to feature us. My husband was out of town and couldn’t make it home for the race that spring. Without him, I didn’t embrace the arrival of a news team here at our home to interview and film our training techniques.

I don’t have training techniques.  My goals: to survive the race and keep my bladder intact.

I’ll let you know how that works out for me.