{That Moment in Time}

You have Youth but you waste it

You have Time but you squander it


You have people who love you

Friends who embrace you

Family who know you


But you ignore the gold mines that surround you

Choosing junk, trash and folly instead


And your skin is smooth

Your teeth are strong

Your ponytail is thick

You can touch your toes

You can leave the house without makeup and

You believe all your dreams will come true


And at the exact point you realize those days are gone,

You instantly realize what a gift they were.

What do you call that moment in time?


Help us to remember that our days are numbered,

and help us to interpret our lives correctly.

Set your wisdom deeply in our hearts… — Psalm 90:12 TPT


Photo by Jan Kubita

{ Nancy Drew Wisdom }

Nancy Drew will forever be 18, titian-haired and wholesomely attached to her boyfriend, Ned.

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Except for a brief falling out in The Twisted Candles, Bess and George will always be her best friends and loyal assistants.

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In the world of Nancy Drew, men with shifty or piercing eyes will always be the villains.

And Nancy will always be the heroine (even the police and the FBI consistently admire her intellect and fortitude.)

Yes, the iconic Nancy Drew was created and promoted by a writing syndicate, but I think she still has something to teach us…



  • Helping People is Rewarding

Whether it’s a child that she rescues from near death, orphans depending on a missing inheritance, or a poor immigrant, Nancy’s always there to help. Her efforts are almost always rewarded with new mysteries to solve.

  • A Good Reputation Opens Doors

Usually by accident—Nancy never tells people herself –folks learn that she is the daughter of Carson Drew, prominent River Heights lawyer. This connection usually amazes and awes strangers. It also lets her in to places closed to other people.

  • Ask Dad

As smart, capable, and independent as Nancy is, she often asks her Dad for advice.  I love that.

  • Stop and eat real food.

Even if you are in the middle of a grand mystery or an intriguing endeavor, make time to stop and eat real food.

  • Show gratitude

The people Nancy helps usually give her a token of the solved mystery.  It’s something small, or simple…but meaningful.  Nancy also surprised people with practical gifts or the gift of time or help. Gifts say what words can’t always say.

  • Manners matter

Good manners are for everyone. Being kind, gracious and forgiving are always welcome and appropriate.

  • Old Lives Matter

Elderly people have wisdom to share.  Nancy asks for help and insight of many old folks in her mysteries. I should too.

  • Be a Feminine Renaissance Girl

Nancy can fly a plane, play the bagpipes, decode messages, and scuba dive.

She wears dresses for most of it.

(Not the scuba.)

Girls can be versatile, capable, strong and smart without giving up their femininity.



  • Make sure you have a will.

Not having a legally approved will may cause lots of problems.  If it’s hidden in a clock, or your treasures are secreted in the walls, your heirs may not receive the benefits they deserve–unless Nancy Drew comes along to help.


© Lisa M. Luciano 😊

Dedicated to Eileen!